About Fisher Metal Detectors

Welcome to the Family of Fisher Metal Detectors

Long the leader in high-performance gold and treasure metal detectors, Fisher’s latest technological breakthroughs have opened up a whole new world of lost treasure.
Fisher offers the industry’s most complete line of quality detectors for all applications from single to multiple frequencies, from the basic F2’s fundamental performance to the CZ 21 for use on land all the way to the sea and beyond to deep sea diving in one package.

Fisher’s trusted name can be used to locate buried utilities like drain lids and valve connections Others can be used to find vertical ground pegs or cables over distance and even extremely deep large objects.

With such a wide choice Fisher is ready to see to all your detecting needs.


The Fisher Warranty

As a recognised and authorised Fisher Dealer, Metal Detectors 4 Africa can honour all of Fisher’s warranties on any of the Fisher metal detectors sold by us for a period of two years in the RSA as agreed with First Texas Products in El Paso USA.