Search and Browse for Detectors & Accessories

Tips for finding items.

You can search for metal detectors and accessories by entering a few words into the search box (top right of each page).

In the top menu simply click on the little magnifying glass icon, and in the dropdown which appears, type your search query e.g. “Makro Racer 2” and press Enter or click on the product or page which appears. This will redirect you to the product or page you are searching for.

Enquire about Detectors or Accessories

How to place an enquiry for detectors or accessories.

If you only have a question about a product before you place an order click on the “Enquire about this product” button situated right below the “Add to basket” button. This will not place an order but only send an email to us with your query and contact details so we can reply to your question.


Once you click on the “Enquire about this product” button a window will appear where you can fill in your name,email address and question.

After completing the form click on the “send” button and your message will be emailed to us. We will respond to your query as soon as possible.

How to place an order

How to place an online order for metal detectors or accessories.

When you are ready to place an order, go to your chosen product, select any additional accessories by checking the box next to the chosen accessory if you choose. Select the quantity of the chosen product by clicking on the + and – signs next to the “Add to basket” button if you choose to have more than one and then click on the “Add to basket” button to add your product to your shopping cart.

how_to_place_an_order_metaldetectors4africaAfter you have clicked the “Add to basket” button your product/s will be added to your shopping cart and you will see a success message stating “Product name has been added to your basket” and a button showing “View Basket”. Also in the top menu to the right, you will see a little shopping basket icon showing how many products you have in your shopping cart. You can click on the shopping cart at any time to view the current products in your shopping cart.

Additionally to place your order or to view the contents of your shopping cart you can click on the “View Basket” or “Checkout” buttons in the left sidebar.


When you are ready to proceed to the final checkout click on the “Checkout” or “Proceed to checkout” button.


After clicking on the “Checkout” button you will be directed to the final chackout page. Please complete all your delivery and contact details and click on the button “Place Order”. We will recieve your order and be in touch as soon as possible. *Currently no online payments are processed through the website, we will be in contact regarding payment.
For any questions please contact us through our website contact form here