Makro Multi Kruzer Review and Treasure Finds

By Henk Nel

We all strive to find the perfect machine for any condition, be it beach or inland, water, or dirt with plenty of trash, and for me… I have found this gem.

Makro Multi Kruzer Review and Treasure Finds by Henk Nel from South Africa.

I was chosen as a field tester by Makro and I believe the reason for this is that they know I hunt in all environments and I am pleased to call myself a well all rounded metal detectorist. Not just any metal detector would be able to tick all these marks of the list, be affordable for the general community and perform without fault. It would need to be something very special indeed. Makro has released its new range of detectors called the Kruzer which consists of 3 products. (Standard Kruzer 14kHz, Multi Kruzer 5kHz-14kHz-19kHz, and Gold Kruzer 61kHz)

All 3 of these machines are capable of the same results as in my review. The Standard Kruzer is the affordable entry-level unit, but for the purposes of this review, I used a Multi Kruzer.

Makro Multi Kruzer Review and Treasure Finds by Henk Nel in South Africa

The Makro Multi Kruzer.

The Kruzer arrived and within minutes I was able to assemble the machine. My first big observation was that the lower shaft that was made out of carbon-fiber. It looks great and knowing the lower shaft was extra light and durable made me smile. If you have ever used any Makro or Nokta machines you will find the menu and layout of the VDI display very easy to navigate. Any question I had was answered in the manual and a quick glance explained most of its features. This is a very well written manual and I have to compliment Makro on this subject. I suggest that anyone buying a detector spends the time reading the manual, that’s why they are included.

The wireless headphones connected without any problem and I was set to go. The built-in LiPo rechargeable battery is simply amazing and can be charged on the go via USB, battery bank or port in your car. I could easily hunt for 12 hours plus but I do prefer to recharge after every hunt and until today have had no downtime in the field.

The Kruzer came with an extra battery pack (Sold Separately) that can be used as a backup, you simply plug the backup battery into the charging port and you have many more hours of fun with this machine.

I have used the Makro Racer 2 and Nokta Impact for many months and looking at this unit I thought it is impossible to beat those already proven and tested machines. This machine is lightweight and very well balanced. It looks sleek and very compact but what it offers is simply amazing.

The Makro Multi Kruzer External Waterproof Battery Pack.

The Makro Multi Kruzer External Waterproof Battery Pack.

Makro has designed this machine to work in every environment and I was about to test it against all of them. The entire Kruzer range is waterproof up to 5 meters and this is great but how would it perform in the field?

Makro Multi Kruzer Review by Treasure Hunter Henk Nel in South Africa.

The Makro Multi Kruzer in action.

I am not going “in-depth” on all the different features that this machine has to offer as there are way too many and exploring each of these will simply take way too long, it each deserves more time and attention. This is explained in the manual and shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to understand.

What does stand out is that the Multi Kruzer has 3 different frequencies which can be chosen at any time, 5kHz, 14kHz, and 19kHz. I have found that 14kHz worked best for most inland situations and 19kHz for water and beach. This is due to the fact that I hunt different metals and treasures in different environments. Higher frequency is used for gold and finer items such as chains and thin rings whereas coins and relics can be found at lower set frequencies. I have found that for the general hunter 14kHz is the perfect balance between both worlds and the Standard Kruzer is set at just that but having the capability to switch between frequencies is certainly worth the extra cash. I like having options.

There are 6 different modes to choose from Gen(all metal), 2 tone, 3 tone, 4 tone, beach mode and deep mode. I have chosen to use 3 tone and beach mode for most of my hunting scenarios and it has served me very well.

Beach Hunting: ABC

My first experience with this machine at the beach was simply mind blowing it gave me many great finds and it kept on giving. I had numerous beach hunts following each other and it was simply heaven for any treasure hunter in my boots and luckily I had this machine in my hands.

Any treasure hunter with some success will tell you that condition , location , beach reading skills and research is the main reason for good pay dirt and I fully agree but having the correct tool to retrieve these are just as important. The Multi Kruzer is just that tool.

An 18 Carat Gold Ring with Diamond found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Henk Nel in South Africa

An 18 Carat Gold Ring with Diamond.

I simply walked onto the beach where I could find wet sand or water and did a ground balance in beach mode. This gave me a ground balance of 00 or 01 and from there I had to decide if I wanted to hunt in the water or tackle the very tiring dry sand… Off to the water it is with beach mode enabled!!!!!

A gold chain found at the beach with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Henk Nel in South Africa - Makro Multi Kruzer Review

A Chain found at the beach.

Multiple hunts one after the other produced amazing finds for the next few weeks and it was a blessing knowing I had this piece of equipment by my side. I was restricted going into the water with this machine as I only had the wireless headphones but this did not stop me from finding some amazing treasures and with the waterproof headphones being released soon I’m sure this will make a very practical diving unit which can be used underwater and in rainy weather. I did however used the vibrate function and submerged this machine for hours on end.

Gold Items with Diamonds found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Treasure Hunter Henk Nel in South Africa

Gold Items with Diamonds found with the Makro Multi Kruzer.

I wanted to hunt the wet and dry sand as we know items wash out and get deposited in many different areas on the beach because of weight categorizing and for this I would simply switch to 3 tone mode still keeping the ground balance numbers which I got when I first walked onto the beach and did the initial ground balancing.

This allowed me to cherry pick the items I was after, simply working through the iron and junk selecting only the good solid tones. Some falsing was to be expected as VLF machines were not specifically engineered for saltwater but this machine produced very good, stable and items were easily recognized as something that needed to be dug or investigated.

Treasure Finds from a Beach Hunt with the Multi Kruzer in South Africa.

Treasure Finds from a Beach Hunt with the Multi Kruzer.

The depth on this machine is excellent and I was able to retrieve items about 20-25cm deep with no problem, be it water or dry sand in beach mode. What I did however find was by changing to 3 tone mode, when hunting out of the water, I would gain a little extra depth making it possible to find those items just out of reach in beach mode.

This is because beach mode was specifically designed to work in salt sea water, underwater or very black mineralized sand. This results in a little depth loss but by switching to 3 tone I was able to dig 4 scoops down and regain control. Simply incredible.

A Pandora Bracelet with Charms found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Henk Nel in South Africa.

A Pandora Bracelet with Charms.

My finds over the last few hunts proved that this machine does what its suppose to do and so much more. I have used many machines and found that this detector was able to match many of them. Knowing your machine and what it’s telling you is what gives you the advantage.

I have used Makro/Nokta products over the last few years and having learned how they operate and being able to modify it to my taste has helped me be successful. That does not mean this machine is only for the well taught or pro metal detectorist as I will later prove in the article. Keep Reading…

Various Rings and a Silver Chain found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Henk Nel in South Africa - Review

Various Rings and a Silver Chain found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Henk Nel in South Africa

Inland: ABC

Silver coins found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Henk Nel in South Africa - Review

Silver Coins.

With this machine proving it works at the beach it now had to do the same for my favorite relics coin spots. I have machines that work great at the beach and are made for water hunting but they rarely can be used for both inland and beach, in fact, I only have 1 other machine that can do this but it is in another price bracket, so the challenge was on…

A Silver 925 lid and Silver coins (Cleaned) found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Henk Nel in South Africa - Review

A Silver 925 lid and Silver coins (Cleaned).

As I previously said I use 3 tone for hunting relics and coins and we all know that areas with history and well-preserved treasures are usually riddled with modern trash. This is where the Kruzer shines…

Relics and old coins found with the Makro Multi Kruzer in South Africa by Treasure Hunter Henk Nel

Relics and old coins.

First thing I did was to use my own personal setting which I have found was very easy to transfer from Racer 2 > Impact > Kruzer as they use a very similar platform and this suited me just fine. I know the language but would this unit give me what 2 previous units did in-depth and performance.

Old Coins, Silver, and Relics found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Henk Nel in South Africa

Old Coins, Silver, and Relics.

IF you have ever owned an Impact or a Racer 2 you would know these machines have incredible depths and to be totally honest the Kruzer does the same job with added features such as Ultrafast recovery speed and EUD (Extra underground Depth). With gain set below 90 you activate its built-in feature to have unprecedented recovery speed for trashy areas which allows the user to filter through closely grouped items. Using 3 tone mode allows the user to choose items which fall within the 3 assigned target ranges.

When you set the gain above 90 you sacrifice some recovery speed for more depth which allows you to hunt for those deeper buried coins and relics. I have used this function many times and simply adjust this with the click of a button.. Having this option has very handy when using the same program for different hunting spots and not wanting to change saved settings.

A 1797 Cartwheel Penny found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Treasure Hunter Henk Nel in South Africa

A 1797 Cartwheel Penny.

A 1921 Silver Florin (Cleaned) found with the Makro Multi Kruzer by Treasure Hunter Henk Nel in South Africa.

A 1921 Silver Florin (Cleaned).

The Kruzer loves silver and I have found coins up to 30cm deep with it. Any machine hitting targets at that depth will have trouble giving accurate numbers on the VDI screen and this is where the Kruzer excels. The sound it produces tells a story of the item buried in the ground. Well rounded audio beeeeeeps, which sounds the same in every direction with the swing of the coil, will almost every time give you something to take home in your “finds” pouch.

A 1 Duit 1788

A 1 Duit 1788 “Dutch” Zelandia Coin found with the Makro Multi Kruzer.

A 1 Duit 1788

A 1 Duit 1788 “Dutch” Zelandia Coin found Metal Detecting with the Makro Multi Kruzer Metal Detector by Treasure Hunter Henk Nel

The Kruzer has given me my oldest coin to date which is a 1788 Dutch “1 Duit” Zelandia coin and many coins that are a few centuries old. I have been to sights which myself and others have hunted and mysteriously the Kruzer pulled more good items from the ground. It always amazes me when an area that has been out hunted to death comes back to life with new advanced technology. Happy Days!!!

Test Subject: ABC

I wanted a total novice to test this machine and see what the outcome would be and this is where the true purpose of this machine comes into play. I gave my twin brother, Frans Nel, this machine knowing he had no knowledge or much experience with metal detecting.

Was it me or can anyone who equips this machine find treasure ? Well, the proof is in the pudding. Results speak for itself. He found gold, relics(musket balls) and old silver coins.

Anyone can master this machine in a few hunts. If you are willing to put in some time your finds will greatly improve and every hunt will become productive as proven below.

The smile on my brothers face after finding those treasures are priceless! Something I will cherish forever. The treasures we find in this hobby is not always physical but for all the others you have the Kruzer to assist you.

Gold, Silver and Relics found with the Makro Multi Kruzer Treasure Detector in South Africa.

Finds by my twin brother. Gold, Silver, and Relics.

Final Thoughts

I can now finally say this machine offers anyone the chance to find amazing treasure. Put in the hard work and you will be rewarded in full. If my brother can find treasure with it, so can you.

For the price, this machine offers such a wide variety of functions that it simply doesn’t make sense not to own one. You get the best of both worlds with one super easy to use machine. You do the math.

Thanks Makro for a great product. One that offers all the right features and provides for the “Pro” hunter as well as the novice. I will certainly recommend this product to anyone who wants the best bang for buck.

Knowing we have an agent (Mr.Wolfgang Roux) here in South Africa makes this deal all the more valid. Thanks for great service and product.

Once I receive the waterproof headphones a complete review will be done for underwater hunting.

Henk Nel

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