Nokta IMPACT Review and Treasure Finds

By Henk Nel

Nokta IMPACT Metal Detector Review and Treasure Finds By Henk Nel - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Tested in 5 continents by more than 30 experts, engineers and users, the IMPACT combines multiple detectors all in one and utilizes cutting edge technology, enabling an easy-to-use and unique detector experience for new and experienced detectorists.

I have been using a Makro Racer 2 for most of my metal detecting career and then I heard that their brother company  “Nokta” will be making a bigger, better, stronger metal detector called the IMPACT. I was over the moon as I can only say good thing about the Racer 2 and was very excited to try and test Nokta’s new flagship detector.

Nokta IMPACT Pro Pack Treasure Coin Detector Review and Treasure Finds By Henk Nel - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

The IMPACT boasts (12) search modes designed to hunt out different targets, such as deep treasure caches, coins and relics. It operates extremely well in different terrain types including (but not limited to) parks and wet beach sands, allowing you to search without any further adjustment if you wish. View Pro Pack By Clicking Here.

This Impact was a breeze to assemble and with the triangular shaft system the shaft is extremely strong and sturdy. No flexing or bending when swung which is a must for me. The coil cable is seated inside the shaft making it barely visible giving the Impact a sleek and very neat look.

Just from an aesthetics point of view I can certainly say it’s a beauty and the overall build is very impressive. It just feels strong and durable, something we all want knowing the terrains we hunt. The Impact is heavier than a number of similar units but this all contributes to the strong and durable build which is something you can expect when looking at quality materials yet it still feels comfortable and does not tire out the user due to the fact that it is very well balanced.

I will certainly carry around a slightly heavier detector knowing it will last much longer than most…

Nokta IMPACT Pro Pack Coin Finding Machine Review and Treasure Finds By Henk Nel - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Featuring (3) powerful operating frequencies, online firmware, update (via PC USB) capability, robust design and its great depth and discrimination ability, the IMPACT just like its name will make a great impact on your future detecting finds.

The Impact looks very pleasing to the eye and this is always a plus but it had to perform in harsh environments and this got me thinking about a few places to visit. These had to be places we as hunters encounter on our hunts with varying conditions and scenarios.

I chose two of the most challenging places I have been to before. One was a lake used as a skiing resort with plenty of iron rock  combined with sand  water and clay .  The other was an older inland site which had very dark mineralized soil mud and generations of trash  which is a nightmare for detectorists.

I know my Racer 2 like the back of my hand and upon switching on the Impact I knew that the LCD display layout and features of these two machines would be very similar, simple and easy to use. All functions and settings were easily accessible but for testing purposes I wanted to see how good it was on factory default mode.


With the machine set on di3 (3 tone) I did a quick ground balance and the Impact was ready to go.   I decided to use the 11×7” coil as I knew targets would be few and far between  and in most conditions this would generally be the preferred coil to use. I did however adjust my discrimination value and this was easily done with the press of a few buttons. I then started my hunt on the dry banks and moved down the slopes making my way to the water’s edge.

Not a single false signal  was heard when using the Impact in these changing ground conditions  Iron rock was no match for the Impact as it easily picked up the smallest non ferrous objects.   Even when walking into the water with the coil totally submersed no falsing occurred and this really impressed me. I had only ground balanced once and the  Impact was capable of functioning at optimal performance.

It is wise to ground balance every time conditions or ground type change but I was curious to see how the Impact would react and I was amazed . It found all targets with ease and at a very respectable depth. I was even lucky enough to find a pair of matching silver earrings 5 meters apart from one another including many more items that could not stay hidden from the Impact.

Nokta IMPACT Pro Pack Coin Finding Machine Review and Hunt Finds By Henk Nel - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

It found all targets with ease and at a very respectable depth. I was even lucky enough to find a pair of matching silver earrings 5 meters apart from one another including many more items that could not stay hidden from the Impact.

Inland Site:

The following morning I decided to try older grounds which I have hunted numerous times with my trusty Racer 2 and I knew this was going to be another difficult task for the Impact.

Knowing the ground type and area I was hunting, I quickly adjusted a few settings on the Impact and fitted the smaller 7.5 x 4” coil as I knew I would need better filtering as targets were now in very close proximity to one another This meant that trash was also lurking around my treasures and filtering is key on these messy sights and the small coil did just that . Again I was “cherry picking” my targets and knew exactly what to dig and what to leave behind. Reading and understanding  your Vdi numbers is key, especially when hunting a very polluted area.

The ground type was completely different from the day before with thick grass and a very black dark mineralized soil The area was covered in iron and trash.  This is bottle top and pull tabs heaven but I knew that if the Impact was in fact going to replace my Racer 2 it was going to have to prove itself and make an “IMPACT”.

Nokta IMPACT Old Coin Finds By Henk Nel - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Variety of older South African Coins found with the Nokta IMPACT.

I could not believe the amount of good signals that I was  hearing on this very  hunted area. If I was not already convinced that this is a great piece of equipment then this had certainly made me a believer. This area produced several more South African coins ranging from 1928 – 1964 , I could not believe my eyes. Most of these were buried 25-30cm and it was very noticeable that the Impact punches deep.

British General Post Office Button Find with Nokta IMPACT Treasure Detector by Henk Nel - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Old British General Post Office button found with the Nokta IMPACT.

Depth is certainly not an issue for the Impact but what really stood out for me was the clear audio on those deep items.  It was like being at a candy store and knowing what to listen for I was also rewarded with a early 1900’s General Post office button and also 2 silver rings.

What really amazed me was the number of signals and diggable targets present even though I had hunted this area before and this got me thinking!   Was it the quality of the detector or the fact that I could switch to a higher operating frequency?  Whichever the case the Impact had opened and exposed  many more good  targets.

I was able to find many items of interest in a fairly short time and this is what it’s all about. Every metal detector has a language of its own and once you understand what it is telling you the better finds will start rolling in. I believe that every machine or detector has it purpose in one’s arsenal and now I am convinced that this machine will cover at least 2 of the 3 environments I hunt.

I could not be more impressed with its performance and looking at all the feature the Impact  presents I am sure every detectorist will find a useful purpose for this detector.

Nokta IMPACT Silver Ring Finds By Henk Nel - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Beautiful Silver Ring Finds with the Nokta IMPACT Detector.

I was able to share this hunt with my Mother who joined me for the first time and to be honest I was afraid it would not be fruitful but again the Impact didn’t disappoint. I am very pleased to say that we both went home smiling.

This machine is on steroids and with all its impressive new features of 12 search modes and having the luxury of choosing 5,14 or 20 kHz operating frequencies you can’t go wrong. Learning any new detector takes time, dedication and loads of  practice but Nokta has made it their goal to make this journey easy and affordable by offering us with the best possible solution.

Well done Nokta..

A perfect metal detector deserves a great agent and Wolfgang Roux of Detectors 4 Africa with hands-on knowledge and enthusiasm is the   perfect example of what a dealership with prompt sales and  service should be like.  Fast , responsive and reliable. Go to his website at for more information.

Henk Nel