Client review of the Fisher F19

Hello everyone

I am an established detector user and all I can say about the Fisher F19 is Wow what a machine!

Fisher F19 Client Review - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Fisher F19 Detector

I currently have two very competitive  machines that I use and after detecting the same areas for many years on a regular basis I was blown away with the results I obtained with the Fisher F19.

The  F19   managed to pick up small relics on the very same spots I had been detecting on in the past and clear signals of small relics  that were very deep underground where discovered by the F19 with ease.

The best function, in my opinion, is when you walk in a trashy area the F19 will ignore unwanted targets from real relics. This is a huge plus point for beginners, making finding relics on iron infested ground a total breeze! The Fisher F19 detector is very user-friendly and can definitely be recommended for beginners.

Thanks Fisher

by Andre Rohland