Gold ring record

Never underestimate or judge a site without giving it a quick check with your MD. Sometimes beaches can be very deceiving.

Gold Ring Record finds - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Gold Ring Record find.

I was cruising looking for a productive site in a howling East gale. The conditions were absolutely terrible and there was nobody in sight for miles. My quest for gold forced me to leave the warm vehicle and kit up reluctantly after deciding on a stretch of promising sand.

My plan was to give it a quick check and satisfy my curiosity and head home saying “At least I tried”. The wind was so strong I had my volume at max trying to hear the faint tones. With sea spray in my face and my body being tossed by the gale I started getting signals. Lots of signals.

The East wind was cutting the beach right before my eyes. My second hole produced a gold ring and this was not the last. I managed to retrieve six gold rings in those terrible conditions. In total 9 rings were retrieved and two big silver earrings.

This hunt also produced my biggest gold ring weighing in at 13.3 grammes! The total weight of gold for the day was 24.2 grammes and a few diamonds on the side.

Gold rings found which weigh in at 24.2 grams - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Weighs in at 24.2 gram

I returned the next day hoping there would be other goodies only to find the sand had come back. One tide changed everything. I was still lucky enough to find two gold rings and two silver rings on the second day. I learned another valuable lesson that day, It pays to check, regardless of the conditions……gold may be right on your doorstep !

Gold ring treasure find - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Ring treasure find!

By: Henry Clapton