Lost silver chain reward

I am always happy to help someone recover a lost item.

I called the number advertised and lady by the name of Ambre answered. The necklace was a 21st birthday gift from her late mom.

She and her twin sister each received this matching hand-made item which was made out of an old silver coin.

It came off in the sea when she was swimming. She looked for it for at least 40mins but had to eventually abandon the search. Ambre was clever enough to take a chance and put up the notice which leads me to my call.

I saw this announcement put up at my local hunting spot yesterday, Sunday 6th September 2015.

Loast Silver Chain Reward Poster

Loast Silver Chain Reward Poster

We chatted about where she was swimming and the area I could try. Armed with my Fisher CZ 21 I went off to hunt. It took me about 20mins to locate it.

I found it in about a foot deep water. The tide was going out and when she had lost it the water was probably two – three feet deep on the high tide. It rang up in the high tone which is a tone for silver. I was sure before I even started to dig that this was what I was looking for.

Two solid scoops with my sand scoop and put off a swish in the water and I was very happy to see the chain in my scoop exactly as pictured in her drawing. I Whatsapped her the photo of the chain and she was so happy to hear from me as she was convinced it was gone forever.

I was stoked as I wanted to go out hunting that afternoon on the low but the conditions weren’t right so this gave me a good reason to go out metal detecting and the feel good feeling of finding something cool and returning it.

Silver chain treasure find - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Silver chain treasure find.

I cannot emphasise enough just how good the Fisher CZ 21 metal detecting machine is on the beach, in and out of the water.

Written by: Ralph Higgo