Makro Racer Metal Detector Review

By David Weasels

The Makro Racer is one of the best I’ve used, I’ve used the Garrett 250 and the AT Pro and they don’t come near the Makro Racer as I do hunt with guys that use the Garrett AT Pro and my finds, hands down, are way better 🙂

The depth of the Makro Racer is far superior and the comments I’ve heard detecting with my friends is that they want to get the Makro Racer.

The Beach mode is absolutely fantastic, I don’t find as much junk as I used to. I look forward to my detecting now. One thing I really like is the salt water coil from Racer.

 Silver ring found with Makro Racer Metal Detector - Metal Detectors 4 Africa.

My most valuable find to date, valued at R15000, weighing 7.4grams and the yellow diamond 0.56carat bedded in 9ct white gold – David Weasels.

Thanks to Wolfgang Roux for advising me on a brilliant  detector.

David Weasels