Memorable find with the Eurotek-Pro

For a long time I have searched for a metal detector, not sure which one will work for me.

Coin found with Eurotek Pro

Coin found with Eurotek Pro.

That was until I went to visit Wolfgang who introduced me to the Eurotek Pro.

Eurotek Pro Metal Detector - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

Eurotek Pro Metal Detector.

My metal detecting journey started and within just 3 days this is what I found.

Treasure found with the Eurotek Pro metal detector.

Treasure found with the Eurotek-Pro metal detector.

At first it was only 1 and 2 cent coins and yes I received quite a few laughs for these. Everyone joked and asked when are you going to find the real gold and I myself too wondered when I will find something worthwhile.

Gold Coins found with the Eurotek-Pro metal detector.

Gold Coins found with the Eurotek-Pro metal detector.

Slowly but surely the “treasure” became more interesting when I started finding a few old “Boere war” shells from 1899-1903 at an old fort. Again coins made their appearance, 1 and cent pieces from 1962 and 1963.

What a fantastic entry level detector. The Eurotek ticks all the boxes for excellence!

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