Nokta Fors Relic Review

By Barney Fourie

I have not used the Nokta extensively as yet but in the short time I have made the following observations:

The Nokta Fors Relic is a well-priced unit that is classified it as mid range product.  However, performance wise this unit performs well above the typical mid-range detector.  Build quality is solid and it is a bit heavier than most detectors. It comes standard with an 11″ and a 5″ coil as well as an extra lower  shaft.  This is a first and the competitor brands will really have to pull up their socks to match value for money.  But the price is not everything – as detectorists, we want to know what the capabilities are.

Wet beach performance is acceptable.  It has a wet beach mode; COG – Conductive Ground – and it does tolerate submersion into water of 15cm deep – deeper water tends to overload the detector and you have to bring down the sensitivity quite a bit.  On wet sand it tends to false when swinging over holes or when touching the sand, possibly one can reduce sensitivity until it is quiet but then performance would be sacrificed.  Like any detector, it has its own language and one needs to learn it.   I was able to compensate for the falsing by swinging the coil 2-3 cm above the sand and falsing usually occurred in one direction of the swing and if it occurred both directions it usually meant a target was present.

Nokta Fors Relic Review - Metal Detectors 4 Africa

The detector can really run deep in General Mode – automatic ground tracking added and you are good to go. Expect about 25cm on a R5 coin with good ID – Barney Fourie.

Dry beach performance was good.  You can play in all the other discrimination modes.  The digital readout on the hand grip is all you need – the target conductivity and the pinpointing  giving the depth.  The target ID numbers are much more stable than my other name brand detectors. The general depth is good and depends on how hot you can run the detector.  The automatic ground balance is quick and effective, the button is located on the hand grip and thumb accessed –  the detector allows for manual balancing if you are into tweaking ground balance for better depth.

The detector can really run deep in General Mode – automatic ground tracking added and you are good to go.  Expect about 25cm on a R5 coin with good ID.  It also has a deep mode under the discrimination modes which I have not tested yet.

I have tested the 5″ coil in a trashy area and what a blast!  It is like having a powerful handheld pin pointer and avoiding trash is a breeze.  I was able to extract coins, brass and silver between trash and the depth were still good.  Pinpointing with the small coil is very accurate.

In summary, the Nokta Fors Relic is a capable mid-priced detector with high priced performance and the other big name brands now have serious competition.

–  Barney Fourie