Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator



Detection of buried ferrous metal objects at depth up to 3 meters

FML-3 Magnetic LocatorA robust and waterproof magnetic locator designed for the field. This simple-to-operate, adjustable sensitivity, ferrous metal locator will assist your search for Valve boxes, manhole covers, Survey markers, PK nails and more buried under the ground or underwater! Polarity indication assists in finding joints in cast iron pipes!

Please see specification sheet for more information.


  1. Detection of buried ferrous metal objects at depths up to 8 feet.
  2. Rugged construction suitable for harsh field conditions.
  3. Low battery indicator: flashing LCD when batteries need replacement.
  4. Varying pitch audio signal mode using a moving coil speaker for enhanced audio output.
  5. Includes soft case with carrying straps and inside pocket for batteries and manual.